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Our Facilities

Informed & Relevant Learning Programs

At Astra Early Learning we have four beautiful, light filled classrooms and a sleep room for our youngest children to rest throughout the day. 


We have five fabulous outdoor yards for the children to explore all year round. As two of our yards are undercover this provided us the flexibility to play outdoors no matter what the Melbourne weather brings.


We offer pram, scooter, bike and trike parking for the day so you can walk to the centre for an easy drop off. 


We know mornings can be rushed, so please stop and grab yourself and coffee in our lobby daily. 

Informed & Relevant Learning Programs

Ocean Room

The Ocean room is for our young learners starting from 6 weeks of age encourages strong relationships between educator and child through positive interactions and safe environments.

Children will be cherished and supported to be their best selves.

An indoor, outdoor program will run to ensure children get maximum outdoor time and encourage physical development, mental wellbeing, and health. Daily mindfulness and yoga practice will set the tone for developing emotional regulation and encouraging relaxation for children throughout the day.


Our program will have a strong emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education and the Arts such as; Music, creative arts and drama. Children will be encouraged to participate in weekly Auslan to encourage communication, strong literacy and verbal skills and inclusivity.

Our program will embed indigenous culture through the 8 ways of Indigenous Learning and encourage children to bring their home culture into the centre too. We will be using the environment as the third teacher to support and guide children’s learning. Educators will set intentional teaching experiences to scaffold children’s learning and interests. 

Each week we will have specialist teachers come and run music and sports classes for the children to enhance our learning programs as well as take part in routine outings into the local community.


Harbour Room

The Harbour Room is for our growing Toddler children. We recognise in the Harbour room that routines are an important opportunity for learning. Performing daily, predictable tasks while having fun is a chance for Toddlers to build their self-confidence, communication and social skills and the ability to develop their self-control.


Our learning journeys contain a daily rhythmic routine which assists the children to transition between activities throughout the day. We believe that if children can anticipate the next part of their day, they can participate at their best.

Finding a balance between routine and flexibility is important when mapping to your child's individual developmental needs to ensure we're providing a stimulating learning environment.

Social and emotional wellbeing is an important part of Toddlers development. To support this our little ones are warmly supported by their educators and peers with friendly smiles, hugs and small class sizes.


Our program will extend on from the Ocean room program where will explore science, maths, arts, Indigenous culture and drama where we will have the opportunity to start building our social skills and forming friendships with our peers.  Our aim is to develop a toddlers cognitive, language, auditory, social, literacy, emotional and physical development.


Each week we will have specialist teachers come and run music and sports classes for the children to enhance our learning programs as well as take part in routine outings into the local community.

Island Room

The Island room is our wonderful 3-4 year old kindergarten program and has access to both an indoor and outdoor yard. 


Research shows that children engaged in quality play-based experiences are more likely to have well-developed memory skills, language development and can regulate their behaviour, supporting the transition to school and academic learning later on in life.


The Island room children are given the opportunity to explore new ideas and concepts as well as prepare them for Kinder the following year. 

Our curriculum in the Island room is driven by a project and investigation approach to learning where the children’s ideas, interests, theories and voices are heard and explored. 


The Island room’s curriculum is planned to assist children in their growth and development, by participating in group time focused on the current project and investigation, maths, literacy, Italian, STEM, drama and culture. 


Each week we will have specialist teachers come and run music, sports and art classes for the children to enhance our learning programs as well as take part in routine outings into the local community.


Marine Room

The Marine room is our pre-school room for children who will be preparing to go to school the following year.

Our programs are all about a guided choice for children, following a Reggio Emilia approach.

Through our daily curriculum, we provide children plenty of learning experiences ensuring that they have opportunities to participate in teacher initiated and play-based activities that are responsive to their needs, interests, and choices. We include in our daily curriculum STEM, literacy, drama, Spanish, creative arts, gardening and outdoor play.

Our literacy and phonics programs support the development of a child’s ability to read, write, create, speak and listen in a way that allows them to communicate with those around them.

Our numeracy programs give our children the opportunity to solve problems and make sense of time, numbers, patterns and shapes.

Our most important values are that the children feel safe, secure and happy and have the freedom to learn, in a natural and harmonious environment.

Each week we will have specialist teachers come and run music, sports, art and science classes for the children to enhance our learning programs as well as take part in routine outings into the local community and attend a fortnightly beach kinder program and a fortnightly bush kinder program.


We provide fresh, nutritious and creative meals that expose children to the broadest range of flavours, textures, ingredients and cultures.

Exposing young children to a healthy, diverse diet not only gives them the best start in life, it also helps secure their health, development and wellbeing as they grow up.


Our offsite Chefs use high-quality, fresh ingredients and a broad range of flavours to create meals that meet and exceed the latest nutritional guidelines for children in care.


Our offsite Chefs work with nutritionists and dieticians and consult with national advisory groups to ensure the highest nutritional standards. In our six-week rotational menu, your children’s meals contain food from the five food groups recommended by the Australian Dietary Guidelines.


Our healthy and balanced meals include a variety of:

  • Fresh vegetables and legumes

  • Seasonal fruit

  • Wholegrains and seeds

  • Lean fresh meat and fish

  • Dairy options


Our menus also offer a wide selection of fresh fruit and raw vegetables with morning and afternoon tea, as well as steamed, fresh vegetables at lunchtime.

When children are growing up, mealtimes are not solely about nutrition. They are a time to explore a world of new flavours and textures and to enjoy a positive and sociable eating experience that will encourage them to make their own healthy choices when they’re older. We are truly passionate about passing on our own love of food by offering a diverse and creative menu that captures children’s interest.

Our 6 weekly rotating menu provides a variety of menu options that will satisfy even the fussiest of eaters.

As an "allergy aware" childcare centre, we are equipped to accommodate any dietary requirement.

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