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Our Philosophy

Service Statement of Philosophy


Pillars of principles that represent and guide Astra Early Learning aligns with our center ethos where we believe in ‘the people and the partnership above the premises and the programmers' our Ethos for Astra Early Learning is deeply imbedded in - our values of Aroha (love) curiosity, creativity, respectful practice, kindness, peace and beauty are non-negotiable.
Our philosophy is the anchor for all we do at Astra Early Learning in Port Melbourne.

We believe that ‘respectful reciprocal relationship decides’ all!

We are committed to consciously growing respectful and loving relationships for all. The relationship we build with your child is the most important part of our work. When your child feels known, appreciated and secure in their relationships here with us, they are what we call ‘emotionally satisfied’. That means that your child is then ready to engage in quality play, which results in quality learning. Your child is a free and equal human being, and equal human beings work in partnership together. At Astra Early Learning; we consciously grow the skills for working together in cooperation.

We are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach and believe the learning environment is recognized for its potential to inspire children and that it should reflect our love of nature and be a magical learning space for all children.

We believe that the environment is the 'third teacher' and that it is essential that we set up our learning environments in a manner that encourages engagement and exploration, and encouraging our teachers and children to explore our community as a way to extend on the current interests within the rooms.

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