Meet Our Team

At Astra Early Learning Port Melbourne, we believe our team of Early Childhood educators are one of our most valuable assets and we could not achieve our goals or honour our philosophies without their knowledge, support and hard work. Our team understand the responsibility that comes with the role of an educator and are committed to ensuring that every child not only enjoys their time with us, but has been exposed to every available developmental and learning opportunity.

Service Manager


Kerri - Anne Marumaru

Bachelor of Education

Kia Ora (Welcome/Hello) My name is Kerri - Anne Marumaru;

I come from beautiful (Aotearoa) New Zealand and have made Melbourne my home along with my three children for the past few years.

I have been in childcare for 21 years starting from the very bottom working my way to management.

I feel that the centre’s vision aligns with my own teaching theory where our children are competent, inquisitive researchers! When we as educators work alongside them (Tuakana/Teina) and provide rich learning environments to scaffold their individual learning styles; we build on their confidence and empower them to create lifelong learning skills where they love to learn and find the answers in their own individual way, through feeling like a valued person within their contextual community. My drive has always been the importance of building ' Reciprocal, Respectful, Relationships' with the people, community, team, environment and of course our (tamariki) children. I feel I do this well as a manager by giving each person and child the time to learn about them and their interests and have a 'door always open' approach to my management style, I completed a bi-cultural degree in New Zealand and received a scholarship from 'TeachNZ' of $30,000 where I infused of all my favourite theorists and created my own approach where Aroha (Love) is my driving force behind everything I do in childcare and life.

Room Assistant - Marine Rom


Celine Xu

Master of Teaching in Early Years Education

Starting the learning journey with children and growing up along with their progress is my passion. I consider myself lucky to work in Early childhood education since children are always inspiring. I believe that it is essential for us as educators to provide quality early care which means inclusive teaching, age appropriate learning activities, an engaging and safe learning environment, activities that support physical, social and emotional growth and qualified staff. Working with families and communities is an indispensable component as well which I value and appreciate. Children need the assurance of being loved and cared for while they are enjoying an educational environment not just at home but here at the ELC. I would love to build up relationships with each child with security and trust to support their learning outcomes.


Room Assistant - Harbour Room

Lingyun Jin.jpg

Lingyun Jin

Certificate III Education and Care


I believe that every child learns, just not necessarily on the same day or in the same way. 

Room Assistant - Coral Room

Tharana Surireddy.jpg

Tharana Surireddy

Diploma Education and Care


I feel working with children is such a joy. I believe that by building a trustful relationship with them enables children to feel free to express their feelings. I take pride in forming friendships with every child that is in my care.

Assistant Educator - Support

Gia Huynh.jpg

Gia Huynh

Diploma Education and Care

My philosophy has been formed over the last 10 years. I believe children have the right to learn and explore through play in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment. I believe that learning can happen anywhere and at any time. I strongly value and respect children’s cultural and religious backgrounds and believe all children should be treated equally.

Assistant Educator - Support


David Dilimulati

Certificate III Education and Care

"I believe that children learn through play. As an educator I will value and develop each child's interests, skills and abilities to extend their learning. Establish respectful and caring relationships with children and families, At Astra early learning, I am committed to providing the best quality care possible.”



Taylah Cahill

Certificate III Early Childhood Education and care

Hi Everyone!

My name is Taylah Cahill, I have been in The ECE sector for 5 years. I believe that respectful, caring bonds with children and their families are the vital foundation for a wonderful early childhood experience for a child. Parents are the child’s most important teachers. I believe that families are the most important aspect for the student because they are their child's first teacher. I strive to have upmost respect and love for all the children I have the privilege to meet each day.

I am responsible for running and coordinating the day-to-day administrative duties here at Astra Port Melbourne, and I am available to support your transition into our service.

Assistant Educator - Island Room

Durga Bhavani.jpg

Durga Bhavani

Diploma Education and Care

As an educator I believe it is our role to assist children to express themselves and accept themselves for who they are, as well embrace the differences of others .Provide children with access to hands on activities and allow adequate time and space to explore materials. I will support each child in their learning creating an environment that they can feel comfortable.

Room Leader - Ocean Room


Ludovica Baldini

Diploma Education and Care

I strongly believe that during childhood we create memories that we will keep with us forever. My aim is making these memories unforgettable, that they evoke an emotion of happiness. Every smile will be a token, and every tear will be an experience to grow from.


Room Assistant - Coral Room


Pan Thummaket

Certificate III Education and Care

I love working with children and playing a fundamental role in their growth and development. I believe that care and education in the early stages of life is the most important as it shapes the child's future.


Assistant Educator - Support


Peter Cao

Graduated Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching

Hi, I am Peter! As an early childhood educator, I believe that every child is special, unique and capable. I would like to communicate with every child in their own 100 languages with my experience and patience. To do my best to give each child my support, help and enhancement to reach their best capabilities and explore their unique way in a safe environment, of course, Every child will grow up in his or her own way and I like to be the “side wheels of a bike” in that path.

Early Childhood Teacher - Marine Room


Amanda Gonzalez

Bachelor in Education

I will enter the classroom everyday with only the highest of expectations for each child, always bringing in not only my dedication and perseverance but also a positive attitude and an open mind. I believe that teaching is a lifelong process where teachers learn new ideas, new strategies, new methodologies and new philosophies. Over time people change, the world changes and my educational philosophy may change as well, and that's okay… that just means that I have grown and learned new things too!

Room Assistant - Harbour Room


Kelly Maloney

Certificate III Education and Care

I believe that children learn best when they are interested, curious and motivate. The educational program should ensure each child is respected as an individual within a group and is encourages to reach their full potential. Educators should have high expectations of children and work with them to co-construct knowledge through learning strategies such as play, inquiry, investigation and research.

Room Assistant - Ocean Room


Lora Marinier

Certificate III Education and Care

I believe that each child is an individual, and as an early childhood educator it is my job to help them develop their strengths, interests, skills and abilities. I believe that children learn through play. I have a real desire to work with children, to connect with them and their families. I am enthusiastic about working with children to ensure they are receiving the best of care. Above all else, I believe in creating a secure environment where the children feel safe.

Room Assistant / Kitchen Assistant


Georgia Karantonis

Diploma Education and Care

A theorist I look to is Erikson and his psycho-dynamic theory, which emphasizes each child’s unique history, skills and style of learning and the importance of assisting children in developing their individual identity and self-esteem. Drawing out each child’s strengths, interests and abilities, and place these in the curriculum.
The attention and environment you provide shapes your child’s brain development for life – Erik Erikson.

Assistant Educator - Support


Jenny Ban Huynh

Diploma Education and Care

Every child deserves love, care and a nourishing upbringing and education. It is our job as educators to guide them through the early years of their life and I am proud to be a part of that.