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Welcome to Astra Early Learning Centre. We are located in the beautiful beachside suburb of Port Melbourne. 


Astra Early Learning is proud to be owned by an experienced and qualified kindergarten teacher who truly understands the care and education young children need. 

That is why we do things differently. 


We believe the best way for you to find the right early learning centre or kindergarten for your family is to have a tour, meet the team and ask lots of questions. 


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Please contact us on (03) 9646 6140, or email at One of our friendly team members will contact you to arrange a tour and answer any questions you may have.

At Astra Early Learning, we are proud to offer both a Beach Kinder and a Bush Kinder program for our kindergarten children. 


We recognise that children living in the inner-suburbs, like Port Melbourne may not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time outdoors. Research demonstrates this leads to the early onset of mental health problems in children as young as 3, including anxiety. Children’s behaviour is also significantly impacted as we are spending more time indoors than previous generations.


At Astra Early Learning, we understand the benefits of connecting with nature and how this will support children’s learning. Children will have the opportunity to explore, connect and learn with nature every week. 


We're offering 2 years old kindergarten, that’s 3 and 4 year old kindergarten, delivered by a Bachelor Qualified Early Childhood Teacher, offering continued high quality learning, ensuring your child has all the foundations in place in preparation for school.

The benefits of two years of kindergarten are endless. Quality early childhood education and positive relationships with early childhood professionals are linked to improved outcomes in areas that matter for success later in life, including those related to language, literacy, numeracy, and social and emotional wellbeing.

Enrol now to avoid disappointment as places are filling fast!


High-Quality Curriculum

We embrace play-based learning, guided by our qualified Educators, to encourage curiosity and build confidence


Exciting Environments

Our carefully designed sensory-rich spaces inspire children to explore the world around them and unleash their creativity.


Wellbeing & Nutrition 

Our children enjoy nutritious meals and snacks prepared by our off-site cooks using only fresh ingredients and seasonal produce.

Every day at Astra, we celebrate childhood… the magic, the wonder, the endless possibilities. Here are some of the ways we help children thrive.


"My daughter started full-time at Port Melbourne when she was six-months old. The team has played a key role in her development, her social and emotional intelligence skills, in addition to her general awareness of numbers, colours, shapes and language. We have been delighted with brilliant team."

"The staff always go above and beyond the call of duty and my son was lucky to have the opportunity to attend the centre. You have surrounded yourself with a wonderful group of Educators and that is why your centre is  so successful."

"We feel so fortunate that our child attends a centre with such caring, dedicated, creative, responsive and inclusive Educators. Our child thrives brilliantly in the gorgeous, nurturing environment, and we feel like we're a part of the community they've gone to enormous efforts to cultivate. It's a very special place, and one of the most important relationships for our family."


“If we want our children to move mountains, we first have to let them get out of their chairs.”

~ Nicolette Sowder

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